Sliding Doors

"Patio DoorWe specialize in sliding doors that can be personalized depending upon your needs. Our sliding doors come in standard size or custom size, and in a variety of colors for the exterior of the door. You are also able to choose between a variety of glass options, and interior color options. Our sliding doors are guaranteed to not materially rot, rust, crack, warp, pit, corrode, peel or blister" (polaris).

Quality, Energy Efficiency, Ease of Operation and Ownership

These features are built into every Polaris® product. Your new vinyl patio door will retain its pristine appearance and weather tight barrier for a lifetime.


Entry Doors

The entrance to your house is more than just a door, it is the focal point of your home. We take this to heart at Polaris®. That is why you will find beauty, quality and energy-efficiency in the door system we will make especially for you. Our doors are engineered and constructed to give you and your family a lifetime of trouble-free service. .